I am very honored to be sponsored by the following manufacturers of high quality percussion products:

Avedis Zildjian Company (a.k.a. Zildjian Cymbals)

I am currently playing their 22″ K Constantinople Medium Ride, 13.25″ K-Custom Hybrid Hi-Hats, 16″ K Constantinople Suspended, 18″ K Constantinople Suspendend, 20″ K Constantinople Suspended, 14″ K Mini China, 16″ A Zildjian Rock Crash.

Every one of these cymbals is absolutely amazing and unique in sound.  Here are some pictures from my recent visit to the factory….the words “kid in a candy store” come to mind

DSCF3881 DSCF3878 DSCF3883 DSCF3884


Black Swamp Percussion

Black Swamp is where tradition and practical know-how meets innovation, thus producing some of the finest concert percussion drums and accessories available today.

I am currently playing their SoundArt Double Row Calf Tambourines, Large Rosewood Castanets, All 5 Woodblocks with Mounting Clamp, Spectrum Triangles, and Cable Snare Systems (I’m saving up for the rest of what they got!)

Here are some pictures from my recent masterclass at the Shanghai Conservatory with some Black Swamp products

Shanghai Masterclass DSC02042


Mike Balter Mallets

What am I using from Mike Balter?  Almost everything!  The wide variety of the product line allows the percussionist to find practically every mallet needed for an endless selection of repertoire.

Here some pictures of some of my favorite “All Balter” Stick Trays

DSCF2882 DSCF2865